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If you are an Educator...

As a woodshop or art class teacher is there another project that your students might find as interesting as that of designing and creating their own skateboard deck?

CreateAskate.org’s programs are specifically designed to provide you with the materials, the information, and the guidance for you to direct your students in every aspect of skateboard construction. The finished project creates a handmade skateboard deck of the highest quality and is personalized by each individual student, regardless of their ability or interest in skateboarding, or their ability as a wood-worker or artist.

Two separate versions of the CreateAskate.org program have been developed:

Version one, specifically for woodshop class environments, provides each student with a pre-molded 7-ply uncut skateboard blank with professional level concave contours and kicktails, and predrilled truck-mounting holes.

Tools required include: Band saw, jig saw, or scroll saw; edge or disk sander; C-clamps; glue; paint rollers; water-based sealer; six grits of sandpaper; sanding blocks. The project can be presented as a study unit lasting up to 10 hours.

Version two, designed for art or design classes, provides each student with the same type of high quality pre-molded 7-ply skateboard blank with concave contours and kicktails, however, the skateboard deck’s shape is pre-cut, sanded, and drilled. The pre-cut skateboard provides a ready-made ‘canvas’ for each student’s own personal design.

Tools required include: C-clamp, paint roller or brushes, water-based sealer, paints and inks for design, three grits of sandpaper, sanding blocks. The project can be presented as a study unit lasting up to five hours.

An instructional media kit is included with each CreateAskate.org order and contains curricula content relating the project to mathematics, science, design, engineering, language skills, and manufacturing.

Upon completion of their project, each student is eligible to receive a CreateAskate.org Certificate of Completion—each skateboard deck’s serial number allows its creator to be registered with CreateAskate.org.

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