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Students Qs
1 How much does it cost?
2 Who pays for my deck?
3 Are all decks the same?
4 Are decks good enough to skate?
5 Can I just buy a deck blank?
6 Are shapes the same if I'm in art class?
7 Can I get my deck for free?
8 How can I get my school the CreateAskate.org information?
9 How do I raise money for my deck?
10 How do I get my skateboard home from school?
11 Where can I get the rest of the items (trucks, wheels, bearings, mounting hardware,
and griptape) for a complete deck if I want to actually use my deck for skateboarding?

12 Who can be in the CreateAskate.org program?
13 What will I learn?
14 What do I do if my school doesn't have art or woodshop classes?
15 How do I get my CAS Certificate of Completion?

Students As

Q. How much does CreateAskate cost?
A. $15! That’s it! We’ve minimized the CreateAskate.org skateboard deck cost as much as we can, but there’s been no sacrifice to the quality of the deck. We hope students can empower themselves to earn this minimal cost in order to be able to participate. Can you get involved in a project that would allow you to raise $15 in order to avoid just asking your parents for the money? Recycling? Part-time job? Projects around the house, or your neighborhood?

Q. Who pays for my deck?
A. Hopefully you do. Your purchase has to be made through your school. For some schools it can be difficult to collect participation fees from their students, however, we have found the program to be most rewarding when students have invested their own money in their own CreateAskate.org deck.

Q. Are all the decks the same?
A. Yes. Well, almost, it depends upon what you mean by ‘the same.’ Colors can’t be ordered, for instance. All of the decks are manufactured with the same highest-quality construction technique. Each deck will have similar deck contours and similar kick in the nose and tail, but color variations cannot be controlled. Orders for different classes may end up all being one color, or several colors mixed together, but remember, each deck’s graphics and final design is up to you!

Q. Are the decks good enough to skate?
A. Each CreateAskate.org deck is of the same exact quality of those decks manufactured for professional skateboarders around the world. In fact, when he skateboarded over the Great Wall of China, professional skateboarder Danny Way was riding one of Professor Schmitt’s skateboards!

Q. Can I just buy a deck blank?
A. The CreateAskate.org program is not available to individuals, and its skateboard decks are just one part of the overall experience that is only available through a school’s educational programs—woodshops or art and design classes. All CreateAskate.org’s skateboard decks are ordered by the school’s instructors, and then provided to students enrolled in the school’s classes.

Q. Are shapes the same if I'm in art class?
See answer #3

Q. Can I get my deck for free?
No deck is available for free

Q. How can I get my school the CreateAskate.org information?
A. Print out the “teacher” or “administrator” information from the CreateAskate.org website, or simply refer them to the website. You may want to consider asking a parent, or other interested adult to also contact your school. There are no other information flyers or other sources of information available, the CreateAskate.org website is the first place to suggest to a teacher, counselor or administrator for the information they need.

Q. How do I raise money for my deck?
A. Recycle aluminum cans. Recycle glass bottles. Secure a part-time job. Save money from your allowance. Create jobs around your house or around your neighborhood that could earn you money. Organize group projects with your classmates—car washes; bake sales; recycling campaigns. You can do it!

Q. How do I get my skateboard home from school?
A. Check with the rules and regulations associated with school bus transportation of products from school. Other than that, get your skateboard home the way you would anything else.

Q. Where can I get the rest of the items (trucks, wheels, bearings, mounting hardware, and griptape) for a complete deck if I want to actually use my deck for skateboarding?
A. Perhaps there is a skateboard retailer in your area? In fact, CreateAskate.org is working with retailers around the country to develop a discount program for those holding a CreateAskate.org Certificate of Completion. Each CreateAskate.org deck’s serial number is registered and recorded on the Certificate of Completion, thus assuring the owner and the retailer that their deck is their deck. Many retailers will be participating in discount programs allowing CreateAskate.org participants the opportunity to complete their deck and use it for skateboarding.

Q. Who can be in the CreateAskate.org program?
A. Students enrolled in junior, middle, or high schools with woodshop or art classes that register with CreateAskate.org. That’s it. Some schools already participating in the program have found their woodshops and art classes offered as electives have reached new levels of popularity as students are enrolling in these classes in order to be eligible for the CreateAskate.org program.

Q. What will I learn?
A. The secrets of the universe? Well, maybe a few secrets, but you’ll definitely discover how a plant, like a tree, can be transformed into something like a skateboard. Which means you’ll also discover how chairs and other types of molded wood products are created. Importantly, you’ll also learn how the worlds of science and mathematics and art all come together in something as basic as a skateboard. You’ll be able to understand why a skateboard deck has seven plies, and why, and you’ll also discover how uni-directional wood grains affect the arrangement of the plies and how they’re laminated together, and why.
Well, the whole CreateAskate.org learning experience is fascinating...wait, that’s what learning is, right? Through this innovative program you learn how a skateboard deck is built, and how and why. As a result you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to just about anything! Plus, you’ll more than likely have a greater understanding about botany and other science topics, and you’ll end up using math skills you may never have had a chance to use before in such a creative way. It’s fun, educational, and good for you!

Q. What do I do if my school doesn’t have art or woodshop classes?
A. There may be a solution. It may be as simple as your PTA or other parent-based group working with your school to create a new class that would qualify for the CreateAskate.org program. Some schools have been able to recruit qualified teachers to volunteer their time to direct the program. It may take a semester to organize the class, but there’s probably a solution if you can demonstrate to your school a genuine interest from a majority of students.
Think PETITION. Schools will adjust their programs if they realize a significant number of their students are genuinely interested in a new subject or project. The entire CreateAskate.org program can be completed without any woodworking equipment, so the art class option is just as valuable and rewarding for each student.

Q. How do I get my CAS Certificate of Completion?
A. Here are the steps you must be prepared for prior to downloading your Student Completion certificate:

#1 Have your Serial # ready. This is located on the top of your deck as well as your wooden I.D. card that you filled in previously in class.

#2 Take an brief online quiz with information you have previously been provided with.

#3 Have a digital photo taken with you holding your deck.
Photo must be of these specs to fit in Photo box on certificate
Photo scale: For best results make photo 126 pixels wide X 84 pixels high or 1.75"
wide X 1.70" high.
Please be patient when uploading your photo file. Photo files must be either JPG or
GIF format.

#4 Have all information related to the following: School’s Full Name/Teachers name as well as email addresses you would like your certificate forwarded to.

#5 Go to ABOUT >How> R U A Student> Completion Certificate and begin the process


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